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Gallagher Integrated is:

Exclusive healthcare information and resources from industry experts

Unique perspectives to drive success during healthcare's evolution

Proven strategies to bring organizations and practitioners together

More of what you need.

Healthcare is changing, but Integrated Healthcare Strategies, a division of Gallagher Benefit Services, Inc., is ready to guide you. Gallagher Integrated is a top healthcare consulting firm prepared to not only help you survive the coming changes, but to succeed in a post-reform world. We offer a wide range of comprehensive solutions—across healthcare compensation consulting, governance, physician services, employee & physician engagement, and executive placement—to help you align people, pay, and performance. And unlike most healthcare consulting companies, we have a unique ability to integrate multiple solutions to maximize efficiency and impact.

When you work with Gallagher Integrated, you tap into the resources of one of the premier healthcare consulting firms in the country—recognized, respected, and trusted. From our comprehensive healthcare consulting services, to products that include healthcare surveys, healthcare governance, physician surveys, physician compensation, and much more, Gallagher Integrated is the one source for the healthcare knowledge, guidance, insights, and alignment that assist healthcare organizations in meeting their goals.

The key to our approach is found in our healthcare consultants—highly experienced professionals with backgrounds that span healthcare consulting, healthcare management, education, and medical practices.

The result is one of the best healthcare consulting firms with the ability to deliver integrated healthcare consulting services that healthcare organizations need to succeed in the changing healthcare environment.

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