Gallagher MSA Search

Your Performance Starts With Your People

Your executive leadership team is crucial to the success of your organization and the people it serves—from providing the steady leadership needed in times of change and uncertainty, to driving culture, and to helping your organization achieve its strategic goals.

At Gallagher MSA Search, we partner with you as a top healthcare executive consultant to assist you in attracting, selecting and hiring the best talent for critical executive roles within your organization.

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We specialize in healthcare executive search services, including:

  • Executive and C-suite leadership positions

  • Director-level roles

  • Strategic succession planning services

  • Leadership team assessment, development, and coaching

  • CEO leadership transition planning

The healthcare executive search consultant you choose to work with will be by your side from the development of the profile to the offer and negotiation, and everything in between, mitigating the risk of your executive hire.

As a boutique search firm, exclusively in healthcare, we are unique in the amount of time our senior consultants spend on your search...they understand you, your organization, and your needs - resulting in a trusted relationship that delivers lasting results. And as part of Gallagher Benefit Services, Inc., you'll also have access to an array of healthcare leadership and strategic management services, helping maximize your organization's performance today and in the future.