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Leadership That Challenges the Ordinary

Are you receiving the guidance that will build your success?

What strategies do you need to prepare for what's next?

How recognized are the consultants who are working on your business?

With an industry shifting and evolving around us, now is not the time for "partners" to "share the journey." This is the time for seasoned leadership—for the wisdom that comes with experience and the confidence that comes with success. This is the time to get Gallagher Integrated.

Our healthcare consultants—at every level—are dedicated to providing more than just summaries and surveys. They're focused on analyzing data, solving challenges, and forecasting trends, all to assist clients with the real-world issues they face every day.

For example:

  • Our compensation specialists utilize a creative approach to developing plans that are customized to reflect your organization's total compensation philosophy, strategy, and culture
  • Our HR Consulting team can help you reach your goals, reduce your costs, and create an engaged and aligned environment for employees and leadership
  • And the Physician Services group will audit, design, and implement a total compensation plan that not only satisfies your key physicians—satisfaction that impacts patient care—but can ultimately improve your bottom line

Get better acquainted with the Gallagher Integrated approach to guidance through our Services or visiting our Knowledge Center. Or contact us to speak with a healthcare consultant and begin finding the insights you need to succeed.

Are you ready?

  • Hospital ownership of physician practices has increased 40% since 2003
  • Projections show a shortage of 150,000 doctors over the next 15 years
  • One-third of all physicians and nurses will be ready to retire in the next 10 years
  • Despite recession, healthcare employment grew by 732,000 since 2007
  • CEO turnover is at a 10-year high


Our Approach

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