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Providing Relevance in the Chaos

Do you know how healthcare reform impacts your organization?

Are you confident the strategies you're employing are the best options?

How should you interpret the latest healthcare trends and topics?

Practically anyone's healthcare consultant can highlight what's going on in today's healthcare industry. That's easy. But determining what's most relevant to your organization, understanding what matters—and what doesn't—is the real challenge. It's also what Integrated Healthcare Strategies, a division of Gallagher Benefit Services, Inc. does for clients every day.

In fact, with decades of healthcare consulting experience across a variety of services, Gallagher Integrated is uniquely qualified to explore beyond the obvious and find innovative perspectives that others cannot—the real-world insights you need to make a real difference for your healthcare organization.

Insights such as these recent additions to our Knowledge Center:

Provider's Perspective: Focus On Cost and Quality
Reimbursement rate increases are a "thing of the past." Many providers are now focusing on how to survive on Medicare rates.
Do Your Doctors and Management Team Trust One Another?
The need for close physician-administrator teamwork has never been greater. This article highlights 10 ways to build trust, and 10 ways to lose it.
The New Health Care Workplace
Health care reform and younger generations. As published in HR Pulse Magazine, Spring 2013.
Five Compensation Strategies that Maximize Recruitment and Retention of Primary Care Physicians
Strategies proven to be successful in the recruitment and retention of physicians who provide primary care services.
New Legislation in 2013: The impact to Human Resources and Compensation
Congress recently passed the American Taxpayer Relief Act of 2012, and also raised minimum wage for ten U.S. states.

Find out more about Gallagher Integrated's insightful leadership by looking over our Services or visiting our Knowledge Center. Or contact us to speak with a healthcare consultant and begin finding the insights you need to succeed.

Are you ready?

  • Hospital ownership of physician practices has increased 40% since 2003
  • Projections show a shortage of 150,000 doctors over the next 15 years
  • One-third of all physicians and nurses will be ready to retire in the next 10 years
  • Despite recession, healthcare employment grew by 732,000 since 2007
  • CEO turnover is at a 10-year high


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