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Integrated Healthcare Strategies, a division of Gallagher Benefit Services, Inc. brings more than 20 years of expertise and knowledge in compensation surveys. A recognized leader in the industry, Gallagher Integrated provides a high-quality resource to help you make critical compensation decisions.

We conduct a wide variety of national compensation surveys, including:

  • Executive, director, and manager positions
  • Staff and nursing positions
  • Advanced practice provider positions
  • Medical director positions
  • Custom surveys that are tailored to a client's specific needs

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National Healthcare Leadership Compensation Survey
Collection of exclusive compensation data, including:

  • Salaries, short- and long-term incentives, benefits, perquisites, and severance
  • 200+ benchmark positions at the executive, director, and manager level
  • Salary structures, bonus plans, budgeted increases, benefit plans, and more
  • Data reported by revenue size and region

National Healthcare Executive Benefits Survey
Includes comprehensive data on:

  • Qualified and non-qualified retirement benefits
  • Health, life, and disability benefits
  • Paid time off, vacation and holidays
  • Perquisites and business expenses
  • Employment agreements, retention plans, and severance

National Healthcare Staff Compensation Survey
Find unique insights, featuring:

  • Special sections on best practices
  • Comprehensive data on base pay, salary structures, differentials, pay practices, and more
  • More than 250 benchmark positions

National Nursing Compensation Survey
Explore exclusive data, such as:

  • An exhaustive list of nursing benchmark positions, from the top level executive to the staff RN
  • Comprehensive data on special pay practices
  • National as well as regional data
  • Special report for Magnet-designated organizations

Medical Director Survey
In our growing database, you'll find:

  • Input from more than 3,200 directors
  • Nearly 200 healthcare organizations
  • Data on 92 position titles
  • Contract administration and methodologies information

Advanced Practice Clinician Survey
Gain real-world perspective:

  • The most exhaustive list of benchmark positions available
  • Position, specialty, and hospital-vs-clinic positions
  • 40+ nurse practitioner benchmarks
  • More than 30 physician assistant benchmarks
  • Pay, incentive, and hiring practices

Custom Survey Capabilities
Tailor-made survey solutions, such as:

  • State association surveys
  • Exclusive peer group surveys
  • Benefits surveys
  • Topical surveys
  • Pay practice surveys
  • Many more!
  • Explore our engagement Surveys


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