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Gallagher GovernWell™

A New Resource for Effective Board Governance

The healthcare industry is in a period of rapid change—from population health management to accountable care, volume to value and countless other transformative issues. For critical access hospitals to Academic Medical Centers and others, boards are under more pressure than ever before to make increasingly complicated decisions as to how to master hospital governance best practices to meet the demands of these new challenges, and to reduce risk under active regulatory and media scrutiny.

To streamline how boards make decisions, engage physicians, and work with committees and various community organizations, Gallagher Integrated has partnered with The Walker Company to bring you Gallagher GovernWell, a game-changing new resource to guide boards towards SMART governance.

Below are just a few of the many tools that comprise this new digital tool:

  1. A comprehensive resource with videos and more than 3,000 pages of governance materials offering board members and CEOs extensive materials they can use immediately.
  2. Files that are established as Word, PowerPoint, etc. files so they can be easily customized with the hospital's own logos and materials, saving executive staff and board time and money.
  3. Materials that are easily accessible and organized to guide a board's journey towards continuous governance development and enhancement.

Whether an organization is seeking quality healthcare leadership training solutions or a resource that improves hospital governance and quality of care, Gallagher GovernWell offers the materials boards need to be successful in a new and rapidly changing healthcare climate.

If you have questions about how Gallagher GovernWell could benefit your organization, or simply want to learn more, contact Gallagher Integrated today.


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