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Short-term Investment, Long-term Advantage

Finding the best way to strategically align with your physicians.

With our Gallagher Integrated approach, we can develop the right physician affiliation arrangements for you by spending the time up-front to understand your organization's strategic objectives, as well as how those objectives will fit into post-reform healthcare.

The Physician Services team has a history of creating successful physician affiliations in a wide variety of situations. Our success lies in our flexibility to structure an arrangement to suit your needs—drawing from our diverse range of services to address anything from direct employment to professional service arrangements.

Our compensation plans are comprehensive and include signing bonuses, loan forgiveness payments, relocation allowances, and competitive compensation plans that can be integrated in a practice valuation. And our structured affiliation arrangements often include management service agreements or professional service arrangements. So Gallagher Integrated helps you develop a contractual relationship that is beneficial to you, your patients, and the physicians.

With our experience in setting up more than 500 separate affiliation agreements, Gallagher Integrated will ensure that your arrangement is comprehensive—and stands the test of time…or any other challenges thrown its way.

We can assist you to:

  • Feature compensation programs that will allow you to recruit and retain the best physician talent
  • Leverage competitive compensation and benefit programs, including salaries, incentives, deferred compensation, and other programs
  • Develop a compensation and benefit program model that is right for your organization
  • Craft a strong physician affiliation structure that is fair, thorough, and legally defensible


Our Approach

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