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Making the Rewards More Rewarding

Feature physician compensation that's equitable, competitive, and sustainable.

FACT: The average physician's medical school debt averages more than $150,000, driving more and more young doctors into higher-paying specialties over primary care—the field where demand will be highest. It's just one of the reasons physician compensation will become a greater factor as the industry moves through reform.

When you work with Integrated Healthcare Strategies, a division of Gallagher Benefit Services, Inc., you'll quickly discover you're working with the leading physician compensation firm in the nation. We will carefully audit, design, and implement a total physician compensation plan that not only satisfies your key physicians—satisfaction that impacts patient care can ultimately improve your bottom line.

Gallagher Integrated has worked with many healthcare organizations to structure compensation programs that reward physicians for their efforts in improving clinical performance. In fact, we maintain a database of more than 1,000 physician compensation arrangements. We have developed clinical quality compensation systems for all types of physicians, with measures from patient/physician satisfaction, to improved quality of care, to clinical protocol adherence, and much more.

Contact Gallagher Integrated to ensure you have a system that is measurable, manageable, and ultimately improves patient care while improving your bottom line.

Our physician experts will:

  • Structure compensation programs that reward physicians for performance improvement
  • Help protect your organization by ensuring physician fair market value
  • Develop clinical quality compensation systems for all physician types
  • Provide an enhanced compensation plan to satisfy physicians and your bottom line
  • Identify measures that improve quality of care and clinical protocol adherence


Our Approach

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