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Your Largest Expense,
Your Greatest Potential

Enhance the power of the people side of your business.

Integrated Healthcare Strategies, a division of Gallagher Benefit Services, Inc. is ready to help you leverage the largest organizational expense in healthcare—your workforce—to deliver to your institution's mission, reinforce your vision, and support your values.

You can be assured that we understand your core issues, providing you with the means to shift the HR focus from a conventional low-value transactional model to a truly strategic business partner. We'll help you reach your goals, reduce your costs, and create an engaged and aligned employee and leadership environment.

Developed across three decades of healthcare experience, our straightforward and practical solutions to complex, long-standing human capital challenges enhance your ability to effectively recruit and retain your talent, making your entire organization more efficient and productive.

HR Enhancement
Create more contemporary human resource processes and procedures through:

  • A human resource management operational review
  • Analysis and identification of areas for operational and financial improvement
  • Refine the human resources organizational structure
  • Assess and develop new core competencies for the HR staff
  • Development of a "Human Resource Center of Expertise"

Performance Improvement
Redesign performance management to support organizational success

  • Drive employee ownership and empowerment through a service standards assessment
  • Impact employee performance through programs, standards, and incentives that raise the bar
  • Establish appropriate standards, incentives, and support
  • Align employees, goals, and objectives with those of organization

Customized Leadership Development and Coaching
Development and support programs for senior leadership

  • Customized Leadership Development and Coaching engagement
  • Create one-of-a-kind leadership development plan and metrics
  • Executive Teambuilding Retreats
  • Construct high-performance leadership models

Group Practice Integration
Fully integrate group practice and acute care HR operations

  • Assimilate varied models of operation to support the health system
  • Acquisition – cultural assessment building techniques
  • Merger & Acquisition – HR due diligence

Succession & Transition
Design a culture-custom process to plan for the known and unknown:

  • Develop a response strategy for potential loss of senior leadership
  • Design personalized leadership development plans and develop contingency plans for external recruiting
  • Identify leadership criteria desired in future candidates
  • Evaluate executives' readiness to move into top positions
  • Review the organization's leadership talent

Our Proven Approach:

  • Assess existing culture, policies and procedures, compare to long-term objectives, and identify areas for improvement.
  • Recommend immediate and sustainable solutions for tactical issues: compensation inequity, performance management, labor relations, or leadership.
  • Drive strategic change through comprehensive communications plans for employees, leadership, and community.


Our Approach

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