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Placing People First

Connect with the firm that specializes in healthcare leadership.

With staffing needs increasing and the workforce shrinking, plus elevated CEO turnover across the industry, matching healthcare organizations with talented leadership is critical. Fortunately, whether you're seeking the right executive for your organization or are a standout candidate wishing to find the right fit, Gallagher MSA Search, a division of Gallagher Benefit Services, Inc., is the right choice right now.

A unique Gallagher Integrated company specializing in executive placement services, our search consultants are available to identify the best candidates for executive leadership positions and director-level roles, as well as a range of interim placement options and strategic succession planning.

We utilize a proprietary leadership database, offering the most thorough executive selection process in the industry and investing significant time with each individual candidate to assess their strengths and weaknesses, before ever presenting them to you for an interview.

Gallagher MSA leads the industry with a 100% success rate in identifying the right executive candidate from the first panel presented for CEO placement.

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AESCGallagher MSA Search is a proud member of the Association of Executive Search Consultants.

Gallagher MSA Search

  • Placement services from C-suite executives through director
  • Interim leaders selected and placed in as quickly as two weeks
  • Succession analysis and strategy
  • In-depth analysis of operations, marketplace, culture, and plans
  • Extensive, proprietary network of healthcare professionals
  • 100% first-slate success rate for healthcare CEO placement
  • Exclusive SearchDIRECT director-level placement resource
  • Interim candidates selected and placed as quickly as three weeks
  • Tenure of placed execs nearly 3x the industry average


Our Approach

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