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Enhancement Through Empowerment

Services That Increase Physician Leadership Value

To maximize the value of physician leadership, healthcare governance must first consider the services they are offering their physicians. Well-prepared and well-supported physician leaders, at all levels and locations, are essential for the creation of a high-performing health system. With such physician leaders, organizations can be well-positioned to thrive in the rapidly changing healthcare environment of today—and tomorrow. Without such leaders, however, success will be difficult to achieve.

The journey to Population Health Management (PHM), accountable care, and bundled payments—all concepts that encourage "Value for Money"—requires successful health systems to become fully clinically integrated. It also requires new strategic alliances with organizations across their region that can help address the social determinants of health. Physicians who master diverse competencies like team building, work flow redesign, organizational development, quality improvement, problem solving, organization risk mitigation, and financial management can help our health sector organizations enhance their capacity to deliver better services, at higher quality, and in more cost-effective ways.

To more effectively develop and support your physician leaders, explore our approaches below and then contact us for a customized strategy to strengthen the structures, systems, development, and compensation arrangements you need.


Our Approach

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