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Nurturing Healthy Physician Relationships

Maximize performance by maximizing physician affiliations.

With one-third of all physicians prepared to retire in the next 10 years, as well as a projected 150,000-doctor shortage over the next 15 years, attracting and retaining skilled physicians is critical to your organization's success—and long-term viability!

Physician Services is dedicated to creating successful relationships between healthcare organizations and their practicing physicians. We will carefully audit, design, and implement a total physician compensation plan that not only satisfies your key physicians—satisfaction that impacts patient care—but can ultimately improve your bottom line.

Our experienced consultants are uniquely qualified to provide innovative solutions for dealing with the complexities of physician relationships. In fact, we have more than 800 satisfied clients across the country, and more than 95% of our clients return for additional help solving their most difficult physician relationship challenges.

In particular, we can help your organization develop compensation programs that are not only commercially reasonable and in line with fair market value, but also consistent with best practices.

Our team of senior consultants have previously held healthcare administration roles and have completed thousands of physician-focused client engagements, earning us a reputation as an industry leader and well-suited to help with practically any physician-related challenge, including:

Our thorough process provides:

  • Comparisons of your current performance metrics
  • Access to national and regional data as well as our proprietary database
  • Professional support and advisement in the face of legal or regulatory scrutiny
  • The confidence that your organization is compliant with today's "best practices"


Our Approach

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