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The Reality Behind the Numbers

Maximize your survey results with innovative analytic tools.

Integrated Healthcare Strategies, a division of Gallagher Benefit Services, Inc. offers an impressive suite of deeply informative analyses that will provide immediate insights to navigate the changing industry as well as position your organization for long-term success. Our consultants and researchers will recommend the most appropriate analyses for the strategic questions you need answered.

A partial list of our most popular advanced services includes:

  • Correlation Analysis
    Utilized to show how survey items are related. This versatile analysis is excellent for confirming relationships between items within a survey or across multiple data sets.
  • Regression (Key Driver) Analysis
    Also referred to as Key Driver Analysis, Regression Analysis is a highly reliable method of prioritizing survey items for organizational action planning. Going much further than correlation analysis, it also predicts the amount of change that can be expected when key driver items improve.
  • Linkage Analysis
    An incredibly insightful analysis that considers how different groups impact one another. It identifies the specific behaviors or attitudes of one group which can be modified to promote dynamics of another. Ideal for exploring the linkages between patients, employees, physicians and other stakeholders.

KnowledgeNow Tool

Our easy-to-use online survey management platform allows our clients to manage the reporting and action planning processes.

  • Quick and easy set up of permission-based reporting
  • Online action planning with step-by-step guidance
  • Allows leaders to monitor action planning activities and action plans


Our Approach

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