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Go Deeper, See Further

Gallagher Integrated Employee Surveys give you greater insights.

Our surveys go well beyond gauging employee satisfaction and commitment. We design our employee surveys to measure the engagement level of healthcare employees and the key factors in the workplace that promote, enhance, and sustain it.

With access to opinions across more than 500 survey items, we offer unrivaled benchmarking depth that enables individual work units to interpret performance against comparable groups nationally. Plus, thanks to our team of experienced, nationally recognized human-capital strategists, you'll receive highly actionable results, in turn allowing you to facilitate empowering, constructive, meaningful change.

Of course, we believe one size rarely fits all. That's why we offer several flexible solutions for your survey needs:

  • Comprehensive – based on items identified by our researchers as highly influential on the health of the workplace.
  • Short – a brief but powerful set of items that provide maximum insight into your employees' workplace perceptions.
  • Custom – a specially crafted solution driven by the unique needs and goals of your organization.

With Gallagher Integrated Surveys, you can:

  • Get insights on factors that impact your business today and moving forward.
  • Receive results and analysis that makes sense and makes a difference.
  • Benefit from highly educated, industry-leading consultants.
  • Explore a range of flexible, customizable solutions to fit your needs.


Our Approach

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