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Advanced Patient-Centered Analytics

Maximize your survey results with innovative analytic tools.

Collecting and reporting your patient survey scores is just the beginning. Gallagher Integrated's researchers use a wide array of advanced statistical analyses to isolate key drivers of patient engagement (including regression or correlation analysis)—factors that promote a special bond and affinity toward a healthcare facility and the desire to tell others about it. We also use linkage analyses to pinpoint opinions and behaviors of employees, physicians and volunteers that most powerfully shape patient experiences. Linkage models lead to a remarkable understanding of how key stakeholders can better work together to ensure patients receive the best possible care.

Quick List of Differences

Our easy-to-use online survey management platform allows our clients to manage the reporting and action planning processes.

  • Our analytic approach yields straightforward, actionable insights in an easy-to-use format.
  • Results of our advanced analyses translate directly into patient experience improvement strategies.
  • Our approach maximizes the return on investment of patient experience measurement.
  • Even if Gallagher Integrated is not your patient survey provider, we can work with your data to provide insights.


Our Approach

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