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The Last Word in the Bottom Line

Make the most of patient experience for improved HCAHPS performance.

The patient journey is impacted by a complex array of factors and characteristics associated with your organization—from the strategy and vision crafted by your board and senior leadership to the services your patients receive from the providers and employees they encounter. Even your volunteers have a powerful influence on the way a patient perceives their experience and the overall care they have received.

Our suite of CAHPS patient surveys have been enriched to go well beyond the basic requirements of patient experience measurement. Gallagher Integrated's surveys have been strategically designed to tap additional elements across the patient journey which profoundly build and sustain patient engagement while optimizing operational efficiencies and of business success. We also know that each organization is different—our patient engagement survey team staffed by Masters and PhD level scientists work closely with every client to achieve a customized survey solution that works best.

Gallagher Integrated's CAHPS survey offerings include:

  • HCAHPS (Hospital CAHPS)
  • CGCAHPS (Clinician & Group CAHPS)
  • CAHPS-ICH (In-Center Hemodialysis CAHPS)

Our Approach

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