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Just What the Doctors Ordered

Gain perspective on ways this influential group will impact your organization.

Integrated Healthcare Strategies, a division of Gallagher Benefit Services, Inc. physician surveys have been developed to measure the opinions of different physician groups associated with an organization including employed physicians, the volunteer medical staff, and referring physicians who rarely visit the hospital.

  • Our physician surveys are carefully crafted to measure the engagement levels of physician groups and the factors that promote, enhance and sustain it.
  • Our revolutionary measure of physician engagement is highly differentiated and more predictive of exceptional business and clinical performance.
  • Our surveys measure what matters most to physician-hospital relationships—our content provides precision measurement on emerging, highly relevant trends left untapped by typical physician surveys.
  • Our approach to physician research is scientifically rigorous and our consultants are nationally recognized experts in hospital-physician relations—as an authority on hospital-physician relations, our experts and findings are routinely sought out by government agencies to shape regulations and policies.

Our Approach

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