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Health Systems That Successfully Looked to External Industries for Leaders

Health Systems That Successfully Looked to External Industries for Leaders

Today’s healthcare organizations face more challenges than ever before. Whether it’s the transition from volume to value or the rise of healthcare consumerism, there are no shortage of changes for the new healthcare leader to navigate. And being successful in constantly changing and increasingly competitive environments will demand new ways of thinking—thinking that is often done best by those who have not come up in the healthcare industry.


In fact, there are several real world examples healthcare organizations can look to as proof that leaders with experience from other industries may in fact be better suited to lead. With new consumer-driven expectations driving healthcare organizations, leaders with experience in industries motivated by similar goals stand to make a big impact. Here are a few examples, excerpted from Gallagher Integrated’s latest whitepaper:


Two prominent organizations have hired bankers as their CEOs. Jackson Health System, Miami-Dade County’s safety net hospital system, chose Carlos Migoya, a banker, after he spent a few years as Miami’s city manager. Migoya managed to curtail losses and return the system to profitability, accomplishing what the previous two CEOs—veteran healthcare administrators—could not. Christ Hospital in Cincinnati chose Michael Keating, a long-service board member, attorney, and banking executive. Keating then brought in other outsiders to help the hospital through the transformation needed to prepare for PHM.

Three prominent children’s hospitals recruited their CEOs from outside healthcare. Children’s Hospital Medical Center in Cincinnati has twice selected one of its board members as its CEO, someone who had never before led a hospital. First James Anderson, a partner in a local law firm and previously an executive of a publicly traded firm; then Michael Fisher, who had been the CEO of a manufacturing firm. Anderson led the hospital to a position as one of the country’s premier children’s hospitals, and Fisher has reshaped the hospitals by expanding services and access—all while reducing costs to make the services more affordable.

Phoenix Children’s Hospital hired Robert Meyer as CEO from a leadership position in a consulting firm. He was just named one of Phoenix’s most admired CEOs for leading a dramatic turnaround, then doubling the size of the hospital and expanding its services. And Dayton Children’s Hospital chose as its CEO Deborah Feldman, formerly the county administrator and a board member at virtually all the major community organizations in Dayton. Feldman is leading a dramatic revitalization and transformation of the hospital. 

These are just a few of the insights from Gallagher Integrated’s most recent whitepaper, New Blood: Why Health Systems Need to Look in New Places for Leadership Talent. For more information, download the FREE whitepaper today.


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